PARP 52 – QSL Bureau


 Podcast Number 52 – Podcast ver. 52.5 – February 22, 2012 (34.1 MB, runtime 29:48)


In this episode, I discuss the QSL Bureau and how to get started sending and receiving QSL cards via the bureau system.  Our featured website segment discusses the Ham Nation podcast/netcast.  I also include our featured gadget segment in this episode as well.  All this and just a little bit more.  Thank you for listening. 

Links of interest discussed in episode 52.
KD0BIK’s Website – General information about Jerry’s amateur radio activities
KD0BIK’s Blog – General Amateur Radio Content
KD0BIK’s SOTA Blog – Summits on the Air related content.
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Move to WordPress – 80% Complete

If you have visited over the past 24-48 hours, you probably noticed a 2 hour downtime or you’ve noticed the new site (this site) in various states of completion.  I’m almost there with the move from the old Joomla CMS (content management system) to WordPress. 

All audio content from 2008 – 2012 has been migrated over along with each episodes show notes.  You’ll find the most recent episode (episode 51 from January) listed just below this post.  You’ll also find episodes 50 – 43 listed below as well.  I have WordPress setup to display ten blog articles on the front page. 

If you want to listen to even older episodes, you can still do that.  Just look on the right hand side for the box labeled categories.  In the categories box you’ll see individual categories or groupings of episodes by year.  When you click on one of these categories, you’ll see all the episodes displayed ten per page. 

The search feature also works really well in WordPress.  Let’s say you want to listen to my episode on JT65.  Just type JT65 in the search box and click OK.  In just a few seconds it should retrieve episode 46.

The Become A Ham audio material has also all been moved over.  Of course, the US Tech material is 100% complete.  I hit a rut in recording the General material late last year and need to get this done.  I will start working on recording the General material soon.

The video content has also been moved over as of today.  You’ll find this material by looking in the categories and clicking either 2010 or 2008 Video episodes.  I hope to make more supplemental video content this year.

As I stated in the subject line, I estimate the new site is 80% complete.  I wouldn’t normally activate a website that wasn’t 100% ready to go-live.  However, I know many listeners want access to the audio material and will understand the “under construction” manner of the site.  My objective is to get the content moved over first and then spend some time sprucing up the site.

Until then, please excuse the mess.   

Thank you for understanding.

73 de Jerry (KD0BIK)