PARP 70 – Individual Preparedness for Emergency Communications


Podcast Number 70 – Podcast ver. 70.9 – July 30, 2016 (40.6 MB, runtime 35:27)


PARP 70 – In this episode of PARP, I discuss the importance of our own individual preparedness when it comes to communicating during an emergency or when no other means of communications are available to us.  I also discuss some of the new transceivers which debuted at the Dayton Hamvention this year.  All this and just a little bit more…


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July 29, 2016

Hello PARP Fans.  This is a just a brief message from me for the purpose of testing the RSS feed and the overall functions of the website.  Yes, it does mean that I’m trying very hard to bring PARP out of the ashes.  Stay tuned…thank you for not deleting your RSS feeds and as always…thanks for listening.  PARP will return very soon.

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