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Jerry Taylor, KDØBIK is the founder and host of the Practical Amateur Radio Podcast.

Licensed: Technician 2007, General 2008 and Extra 2011.

Callsigns held: KD0BIK

Favorite mode: JT65A and PSK-31

Favorite band: 20 meters

Favorite radio: Elecraft KX3

My name is Jerry Taylor and I would like to thank you for visiting my podcast website.  As a small child, I would listen to my Uncle talk on his radio.  I was fascinated, even if I didn’t understand how it worked.  I loved to sit on his chair wearing his headphones and tinker with his radio pretending to be a ham – just like him.

The years went by, and I had forgotten about amateur radio.  Then one day I was visiting my uncle.  He was in his ham shack, and I was standing in the doorway listening to him operate and I remembered.  I remembered being that little boy and I realized that the desire to be an amateur radio operator never really left me.

I began studying for my technician class license, and was granted my license in August 2007 and upgraded to the general license in January 2008. Finally, in August of 2011 I upgraded to extra.  I am a member of the Tri-Lakes Monument Fire Radio Association,  a life member of the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) and regular member of the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB).

You can follow me on Twitter @KD0BIK.  I’m also active on Facebook and Google+.  Additionally, I also have an Echolink node which I activate when I’m in the ham shack.  You can connect via KD0BIK-L or node number 350298.  If you are in the local Denver area, you can try 147.450 FM.  Finally, I also often keep Skype active.  You can find me under KD0BIK.

In keeping the traditional spirit of ham radio alive, don’t forget to turn on your radio.

Jerry Taylor, KDØBIK

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