Hello and THANK YOU for clicking the Donate Tab on  If you’ve been listening to the Practical Amateur Radio Podcast for a while, you know serving as an Elmer is a deep passion of mine.  I believe the free-flow of information from Elmer to Student should never come with a price.   While some amateur radio podcasts supplement their costs with advertising (I don’t have an issue with this) I feel PARP is best funded by the listener.

YES, It does cost money to host the audio files for both the Practical Amateur Radio Podcast and the Become A Ham audio Q&A sessions.  If you would like to contribute a one-time or even a recurring donation, (any amount is appreciated) please use the button below.   Your contribution will only be used to fund the web host costs associated with this website, unless you request I use it for a cup of coffee or a pint of something cold and refreshing.  :-)

Thank you and 73 de KD0BIK (Jerry)

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