PARP 12 – Computers in the ham shack


Podcast Number 12 – Podcast ver. 12.1 – November 18 2008 (19.0 MB, runtime 20:47)
This episode contains the continuation of a multipart feature about amateur radio.  In this episode we discuss computers in the ham shack.  A computer in the ham shack doesn’t have to be a super computer.  We discuss Mac versus PC, Windows versus Linux and Desktop versus Laptop and a lot more.  Don’t forget to visit Linux in the HAM Shack, a new podcast from Richard KB5JBV. 

Our news segment includes information about the WorldRadio acquisition by CQ Magazine. 

Our fellow amateur is Pat Rundall, N0HR.  Pat is the owner of and the useful Ham Radio Toolbar among other things.  Please visit and bookmark his website at

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All this and a little bit more from Jerry Taylor, KD0BIK.

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