PARP 13 – QSL Process


Podcast Number 13 – Podcast ver. 13.1 – December 15 2008 (29.6 MB, runtime 25:55)
As we wrap up 2008, we discuss the QSL process.  I provide a brief history on the first known instances of using a QSL card to confirm a contact.  I cover from start to finish how one would send a paper QSL card and briefly touch on the electronic QSL process by introducing both and

I introduce you to Randy Dorman, KB3IFH and his QSL card printing service.  Randy assisted me in the design of my new QSL card.  If you’re in the market for new cards or need to design your first card, please contact Randy.  Randy’s website is

It’s been a while since I featured an amateur’s website and I can’t think of no one better to share with you than Santa’s….huh, I mean Mickey Hicks wo6t.  Mickey operates special event station w6s this time of year.  I would encourage you to visit Santa’s website to research his on-air schedule and perhaps you can allow your child or grandchild the opportunity to talk to Santa on ham radio. 

Finally, I’m branching out my podcasting hobby and have produced another two podcasts which are scheduled to be released on a monthly basis.  They are The Practical Computer Podcast and The Practical Technology Podcast.  You can download these through iTunes or from their internet home by visiting  Just follow the links on the left side. 

As always, thank you for listening and thank you for telling your friends.

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