PARP 15 – Emergency Communications part I


Podcast Number 15 – Podcast ver. 15.2 – February 14 2009 (35.8 MB, runtime 31:18)
We begin another multi-part series discussing Emergency Communications and discuss how the most important priority is to first be prepared.   

Good news!  The Practical Amateur Radio Podcast has been featured in CQ Magazine.  I blogged about it and how I discovered the article. 

We kick off a new feature called Time Machine and do a quick review of the 1991 QST Magazine. 

I introduce you to Heather, KB9ZLB. Heather is the President of Chick Factor International, W9YL.  You can visit the Chick Factor International website located at

During our featured website segment I introduce you to Mike Dell, N7LMJ and John Martin, KF8KK. Mike and John are the co-hosts for The Ham Radio Podclass.  Their website can be found at

As always, thank you for listening and thank you for telling your friends.

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