PARP 2 – The Radio Amateur’s Code


Our Second Podcast – Podcast ver. 2.1 – May 9 2008 (7.84 MB)
This episode contains the first part of a multipart feature about amateur radio.  We discuss what amateur radio is all about and explain the amateur’s code by Paul M. Segal, W9EEA from his 1928 writing.  This multipart discussion session will hopefully answer many questions that someone interested in obtaining his/her license might have. 

We share the latest news from ARRL HQ about the proposed rate increase for vanity call signs.

In our feature website segment we showcase the website of WA5KUB and Tom’s trip from his QTH of Memphis, TN to the Dayton HamFest.  Tom’s website for complete information including a chat room, an APRS tracking map and streaming video can be found at

All this and a little bit more from Jerry Taylor, KD0BIK.

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