PARP 3 – How to get your amateur radio license


Our Third Podcast – Podcast ver. 3.1 – May 18 2008 (10.6 MB, runtime 11:36)
This episode contains the continuation of a multipart feature about amateur radio.  We continue the discussion and provide information on what is required to become an amateur radio operator and touch briefly on a few different methods to accomplish this.  This multipart discussion session will hopefully answer many questions that someone interested in obtaining his/her license might have. 

We share the latest news from ARRL HQ about the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that hit China on Monday, May 12 at 0628 UTC. 

In our feature website segment we showcase the HFDX Forum and the Soldersmoke Podcast websites. 

We conclude the podcast with a new segment titled Ham Adventures.  Jerry discusses his plans to finish the last 500 sq. feet of his basement.  This will become the new ham shack for KD0BIK and the new home for The Practical Amateur Radio Podcast

All this and a little bit more from Jerry Taylor, KD0BIK.

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