PARP 34 – New Year’s Resolutions 2010


Podcast Number 34 – Podcast ver. 34.3 – January 31, 2010 (27.4 MB, runtime 29:59)
In our first episode of 2010, we review New Years Resolutions discussed back in January 2009. I provide an update on my status of those resolutions
and briefly discuss plans I have in 2010. 

I also discuss attitudes in amateur radio.  Do some hams look down on others because they don’t or can’t operate HF?  We discuss the, “You’re not a
real ham unless you _____________” way of thinking.  While it is good to motivate new hams to upgrade and try new modes, it might not be
possible for all to rush out and buy a new HF rig.  I share ideas of helping to motivate those that only have VHF/UHF rigs get the most out of the hobby. 

As always, thank you for listening and thank you for telling your friends about the podcast.

Until next time…

73 de KD0BIK

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