PARP 35 – APRS part I


Podcast Number 35 – Podcast ver. 35.3 – February 28, 2010 (37.2 MB, runtime 40:39)
We begin another multi-part episode on the subject of APRS.  During this episode I provide some general history about the early beginnings of APRS
and discuss how I’ve used the system in the past.  I share some details on a few APRS iPhone Apps which are available for download in the iTunes App
Store.  I provide information on where one can purchase the APRS Trackers and GPS units I’ve used.  These are Argent Data Systems and RPC Electronics
I also mention a couple of websites where you can view real-time APRS data.  These sites are APRS.FI and  We will pick up our APRS discussion
next time in episode 36.

I bring back to The Practical Amateur Radio Podcast two segments I’ve neglected over the past few months.  The Featured Website Segment re-introduces
you again to has a brand new look and is attracting a lot of new members.  Please take a moment to visit, sign up for an account and say hello. 

Our Fellow Amateurs segment is also back.  I re-introduce you to Daniel Romanchik, KB6NU.  Daniel is working hard in our amateur community to help introduce
our wonderful hobby to both young and old alike.  I provide some useful links during this segment.  Daniel’s website is here.  You might also check out Daniel’s QRZ Bio. 
Daniel has written a document specifically directed to the parents of the young people he works with.  This document is titled Parents Guide to Ham Radio and is available here.
Additionally, Daniel has two very well written study guides for the technician and general license classes. 

We also introduce a brand new segment titled The Featured Gadget segment.  This new segment is still a work in progress.  But for the debut, I discuss the importance
of keeping your Windows PC clock in sync.  You can download the Time Sync application from Karen’s Power Tools, website.  This will keep your Windows PC in perfect time.

Finally, in an email sent to us from Philip Borgnes, in Seattle WA.  He provides a link to a conference taking place in April.  If you live in the Seattle area and are interested in Emergency Communications, please check out this website.

Until next time…

73 de KD0BIK

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