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Podcast Number 36 – Podcast ver. 36.3 – March 28, 2010 (27.3 MB, runtime 29:47)
We conclude our two-part series on APRS. I provide a quick overview of episode 35 and then dig right in and explain my new APRS setup.  This setup allows me to view other hams around me on my Garmin Nuvi 350 and also provides two-way text messaging.  You can learn more about the global universal text messaging initiative here.

My setup consists of the following items: (Please note, these items are current as of March 28, 2010)

Yaesu FT-2800M – Discontinued and replaced as FT-2900R.  Either should work with this setup.
Argent Data Systems Tracker2 model OT2M
Garmin Nuvi 350 – Discontinued but available as refurb from many vendors.
Garmin Fleet Management Cable
Data Cable for OT2M to FT-2800
Tac-Comm Carrier
Garmin Friction Mount

When researching my setup, I benefited greatly from the efforts of Mike Wren, N2QDK.  Mike had already tested and documented the same setup I’m using.  As of Feb. 2012 it appears Mike’s Blog is offline.  I’ve removed the link from the show notes. 

I spoke about using your home weather station software to upload your weather data to the CWOP or Citizen Weather Observing Program.  You can find out more information about this program and how to sign up for an account here.

I also provide information about the new Depiction software.  Please visit the Depiction website to learn more about this software.  You can also read the November 2009 QST Magazine article here.   

Finally, I made a supplemental video to help provide a visual explanation to what my mobile APRS setup looks like and how the two-way text messaging works.  While I spoke about placing this content on Youtube, I’ve since decided to provide the video here on the website.  Just look to your left for the menu box titled Videos and click the 2010 Video link. 

Thank you for listening (and watching)

Until next time…

73 de KD0BIK

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