PARP 42 – My Burnout in Amateur Radio


Podcast Number 42 – Podcast ver. 42.4 – February 16, 2011 (16.5 MB, runtime 18:02)


We are back with the much anticipated and long awaited episode 42.  In this episode I share with you some of the ingredients which led to my burnout of amateur radio.  Please understand I am making no excuses as I’m a “no excuses” kind of guy.  But I wanted to share with all the things that took place over the summer in the hopes that what I experienced can be a lessons learned and others might not have to endure.  

Our featured website segment is about CollegeARC.  Please visit their website at 

Our featured gadget for this episode is Dropbox.  I discuss how I use Dropbox in the ham shack and in other areas of my life.  You can sign up for a Dropbox account using this referral link here.

Finally, don’t forget to check out the HamTwit Net on Wednesday evenings 8 PM EST (Thursday 01:00 UTC).  You’ll find complete details including the Echolink node by visiting their website.      

All this and a little bit more from Jerry Taylor, KD0BIK

Until next time…

73 de KD0BIK

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