PARP 55 – Radio Programming made Easy


Podcast Number 55 – Podcast ver. 55.5 – May 16, 2012 (52.8 MB, runtime 46:00)


Happy 4th Birthday to PARP!  The Practical Amateur Radio Podcast hit the interwebz on 7 May 2008.  I’m truly honored to have the opportunity to use new media (podcasting, blogging and video) to promote our wonderful hobby.  To celebrate and also better showcase all I needed to discuss for episode 55, I’ve also created a YouTube video and a blog post.      

NOTE:  The 2m Calling Freq. is 146.52 and not 147.52 as I mentioned in PARP55.  Sorry

In this episode, I discuss radio programming made easy.  It would truly be difficult for me to explain step-by-step how to program your radio.  However, in episode 55 I provide some helpful tips and tools to help you not only better understand the process of programming your radio, but also share with you some tools and resources to accomplish the task quicker.  I also share with you how to locate nearby repeaters.

I would also like to thank the kind folks with Nifty Ham Accessories, RT Systems Inc., and RFinder – The Worldwide Repeater Directory for offering coupon codes.  You may use these coupon codes for savings towards purchases made from their websites.  Please listen to this episode to hear the individual code for each of the vendors as well as details regarding expiration.

Our Featured Website for this episode is the blog site of Connie Bird, NR4CB.  Connie is about to embark on a 5000 mile adventure across the eastern portion of the United States and Canada. 

I also briefly mentioned a couple of YouTube videos I made documenting how I have connected my iPad to my Elecraft KX3 to operate PSK-31 via the PSKer iOS App.  Please watch video one and video two.     

All this and just a little bit more.  Thank you for listening. 

Links of interest discussed in episode 55.
National Weather Service Frequencies
Nifty Ham Accessories
RT Systems Inc.
RFinder – The Worldwide Repeater Directory – The blog site of Connie Bird, NR4CB documenting her “Are We There Yet?” Summer road trip.
KD0BIK’s Website – General information about Jerry’s amateur radio activities
KD0BIK’s Blog – General Amateur Radio Content
KD0BIK’s SOTA Blog – Summits on the Air related content.
KD0BIK’s YouTube Channel
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