PARP 57 – Preparedness


Podcast Number 57 – Podcast ver. 57.5 – July 25, 2012 (37.9 MB, runtime 33:05)


In this full-featured episode of the practical amateur radio podcast, I discuss preparedness.  I read an email from a listener who has questions about amateur radio and his preparedness plan.  I also briefly review and discuss 2012 New Year Resolutions and both my own progress, but encourage listeners to keep on working on accomplishing those 2012 goals.

Our Featured Website for this episode is the Colorado 14er Amateur Radio Event website

Our Featured Gadget is a iPad app called Splashtop.  Link to the app and link to the website.    

KACommunciations eBay Store and non-eBay Store.

All this and just a little bit more.  Thank you for listening. 

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