PARP 6 – What you need to know before your first radio purchase


Podcast Number 6 – Podcast ver. 6.1 – July 6 2008 (22.1 MB, runtime 24:10)
This episode contains the continuation of a multipart feature about amateur radio.  We continue the discussion and provide information on what you should know before purchasing your first radio.  I discuss the options of purchasing new versus used equipment and provide a list of possible dealers to aid you in your first purchases.  I have compiled a list of vendors available here.   

During our news segment we provide information on the Radio Shack 13.8V DC power supply recall.  Complete details can be found on Radio Shacks webpage located at

Our featured website segment features a new call sign lookup website called Callook.  The site was developed and is operated by Joshua Dick, KB1QAB.  The website URL is

Finally I provide details on my first Field Day as a licensed amateur.  You can view photos of the event on my blog page.

All this and a little bit more from Jerry Taylor, KD0BIK.

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