PARP 9 – Your first antenna


Podcast Number 9 – Podcast ver. 9.1 – August 17 2008 (27.7 MB, runtime 30:16)
This episode contains the continuation of a multipart feature about amateur radio.  In this episode we discuss your first antenna and discuss antenna setups for antenna restricted neighborhoods.      A few links of interest for stealth antennas are and  I’ve also used with much success the Buddipole antenna. We wrap the section with a brief mention about mobile antennas.  Please visit Alan K0BG website for EVERYTHING there is to know about mobile setups.  Next time on the PARP, we’ll continue our multipart discussion and the subject will be the ham shack.

During the Podcast News segment I share with you the National Preparedness Month information.  You can find more about this program and access the Ready Kids portion for interactive fun at

Our Fellow Amateur this time is Randy Hall, K7AGE.  Randy has produced over 40 Youtube videos ranging from ham shack chats to complete “how to” programs on working satellites and PSK-31.  Please visit and bookmark Randy’s Youtube channel page at

The ham adventures segment talks about my participation in the Colorado 14’er event.  More info can be found at  Including this QST article from October 2005.

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All this and a little bit more from Jerry Taylor, KD0BIK.

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