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This page lists the RSS feeds for both the Practical Amateur Radio Podcast and the Become A Ham US Technician and US General Q&A study sessions. 

Practical Amateur Radio Podcast RSS info

There are two different RSS feeds you can use to retrieve content from  The first RSS feed is for the audio content only.  This feed can be used in iTunes or your favorite music application.  This feed can also be added directly to many smart phones to automatically download the music content.

The second RSS feed will deliver both the audio content along with the show notes and anything else I post to this website.  This feed is perfect for Google Reader or similar RSS content catchers.

Become A Ham – Q&A Audio Study Sessions

Please also see the Become A Ham tab (top of page) for complete information about the Become a Ham audio Q&A study program. 

2010 – 2014 US Technician

2011 – 2015 US General

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